We are FLDWRK (pronounced Fieldwork). We are a community of culture creators--entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, founders, leaders, storytellers, advocates, artists, and workers who are in the fight each day to combat the dark, ugly, and evil in our cities with light, beauty, and goodness.

Through this community’s online membership, and in our coworking places, coaching programs, and local and virtual gatherings, our members receive practical, emotional, and spiritual guidance, partnership, and renewal.

We have a dream that one day, all cities will be full of organizations that are culture-creating forces for the good of all people.

We believe individualism robs creators of their humanity and impact, and that isolated leaders and organizations don't create as much good as those who are deeply connected and work together to solve root problems.

By joining the FLDWRK community through one of our membership options, you'll be able to connect with others locally and globally who are on the same mission--to create the world's best future together.

We are here to help you create the world's best future.