I’m excited to invite you to join FLDWRK’s expanding community in our new Costa Mesa headquarters. Over the past 5 years, we’ve helped incubate and accelerate over 60 organizations that are advancing the common good in Orange County and throughout the world, and we’re doubling down on our mission to guide creators to build organizations into forces for good in their cities.

Our members are doing amazing work creating culture—from celebrating what’s beautiful through photography, art, design, and visual storytelling to restoring what’s broken by serving the marginalized, disenfranchised, and the downtrodden.

This community is comprised of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, artists, activists, makers, and storytellers who are exploring creative solutions to big problems, partnering together for the good of the world using innovative and diverse business models. We’re honored and privileged to be part of their mission, and we’d love to be part of yours as well.

For Costa Mesa’s (and the world’s) best future,





The FLDWRK community exists for creators to build organizations into forces for good in their cities. Our new location provides more spaces for our members to developed as leaders, build organizations, gather together, and work for the good of Costa Mesa and all of Orange County.


17 Private Offices


4 Meeting Rooms


3,000 sq ft Event Venue


FLDWRK Coffee Shop




We are expanding to 17 offices, a dedicated desk den, 4 meeting rooms varying in sizes, a coffeeshop, and a 3000 sq ft event venue.

Private Office pricing starts at $1,350 and up to $3,000 based on office and team size.

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 11.50.52 AM.png

Interested in Private Office space? Or utilizing our new Event Venue?

Currently 9 of our 17 offices have been secured, leaving 8 still available. Looking for office availability and venue information? Book an appointment!





Outdoor Renderings

Early Indoor Renderings




“FLDWRK is my favorite co-working space because of the way that it both fosters community and respects and fosters productivity. I haven't found another place that is conducive to my work and makes me feel like I belong.” - Kathy, Coworking Member

“I can honestly say that my business would not be where it is today without FLDWRK. The community here has motivated me, supported me, encouraged me, and brought me success! I’ve grown my team from amazing referrals from other FLDWRK members, I’ve grown my business through FLDWRK coaching, I’ve grown personally through the relationships I’ve developed here. I love coming to work because I am surrounded by people doing meaningful work who spur me on to do better work myself too!” - Allison, Coaching + Private Office Member

“What differentiates FLDWRK from others is that it is a trusted community. As a result of participating in FLDWRK’s programs, my organization has grown 300 % in the last year. We have been able to double our fundraising and create impact for our entire organization. Our organization has partnered with FLDWRK to bring impact to the missionary community in El Salvador/Central America.” - Cristina, Programs Member

“Let's face it. Working from home isn't all that it's cracked up to be. No matter how focused you think you are, distractions will find YOU. And at the same time, when you've been grinding away for hours, and you actually want a distraction... you probably won't have a funny co-worker to joke around with. This was the bane of my existence... until I found FLDWRK. It's not just a coworking space for me to get things done, but it also helps fulfill the community and social aspects that are sometimes nonexistent for entrepreneurs and freelancers. If you're looking for a beautiful space that nourishes growth and allows for peak productivity in the presence of hardworking and like-minded people, you need FLDWRK.” - Jason C., Coworking Member






We are going to be a part of a work life campus called Culture Yard that encompasses 4 buildings. Our space is all of Building B and will hold office space, an event venue + a coffee shop.


FLDWRK was founded in Costa Mesa, and we are thrilled that we get the opportunity to grow while staying true to our roots.

It’s a hop, skip and jump from our current space to our new location .



We are moving right down the street off of Paularino Ave.