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Much of our lives are spent in the space between the screen and the tip of our noses. We are answering emails, coding websites, writing contracts, you name it. We are working. As we come to the end of the year, we naturally tend to reflect on our strategies, plans and productive methods. One thing, that can often go neglected is the reflection on our own routines of rest and celebration.

Rest and celebration are two integral parts of business, life, and culture that must be given their rightful space in our lives. A Harvard Health study on the brain shows that when the brain gets out of focus mode and into unfocused mode, “it will retrieve memories, link ideas to other ideas, allowing you to become more creative, and also help you feel more self-connected as well”. Rest is a key to success because it allows your brain to slow down and connect all the ideas and creative thoughts that you are normally moving too fast to notice, thus making your work more purposeful and productive.

If you look at a calendar, it seems as though celebration is very easy for us. We have everything from National Ice Cream Day to Taco Tuesday. Beyond the deliciousness of those national holidays, there are some important effects that happen when we celebrate that should lead us to make it a key practice as purposeful entrepreneurs. When we celebrate, our brains feel the safety to collaborate and innovate when we involve celebration into our office culture. This means that when you complete that job for that important client and they love it- go out! High five yourself or your team! Buy yourself a drink! CELEBRATE!

If you are wanting to lean in to these practices a bit more, here are some practical ways to rest and celebrate:

1. Put it in your budget. As you plan for each quarter or each year or each month. Set aside a budget for small celebrations. Small celebrations exclude bonuses and staff parties. These look like a surprise coffee for someone who has been working extra hard or a surprise staff happy hour to end a busy season. When you plan for celebrations, you are planning for more innovative and collaborative teams.

2. Establish daily micro-rhythms of rest & enjoyment. This is something that people have adopted as a way to create healthy habits in their work/life integration. Rest & celebration do not always have to consist of a weekend retreat somewhere fancy but instead could consist of 10 minute daily rituals. Whether you decide to go home by six every night, get in your restful pajamas and start working again, or you carve out thirty minutes of rest dedicated to connecting with family. You could decide to start the evening by journaling your thoughts on the day’s happenings and listing out the accomplishments of your work, establishing these micro-rhythms will keep you fueled throughout the year. Whatever it is, get resting so you can be prepared for the next day and connect all the important things to each other.

3. Create a reading list and actually cross the books off. Entering someone else’s ideas or stories is a great way to shut out the work and welcome both rest and celebrate at the same time. Can you tell an introvert is reading this? Yea, me too. Celebrate by buying yourself a new book and rest by enjoying time with you and the characters. If reading isn’t your thing, audiobook it or go to the gym. Allowing your mind to be stimulated in a way that is different from the office is the most important part.

Your most productive self is waiting outside the space between the screen and your nose all you gotta do is leave the office and rest or celebrate.

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