How to make sure you measure what matters.

Recently, one of our members voiced this familiar phenomenon: “I get to the end of the day and don’t know what I’ve accomplished.” We’ve all been there. When we don’t know the reality of the progress we are or are not making in our work, we leave room for all kinds of fear and worry to take space in our minds. Inevitably causing us to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work we need to do without being sure that our to-do list would even move the needle towards our goals.

As we continue our series exploring how to have the Best Workday Ever. Here’s practice number two in the process. After you begin with celebration, the next step is  to track your progress on key goals and priority objectives. This is a way to make sense of the reality of your work and see what adjustments may need to be made.

To get the most from this practice, we recommend setting up a comprehensive dashboard or scoreboard that allows you to focus your attention on the metrics that are directly related to the few key objectives that are most important. To get started,  here’s a few ways to implement a progress review into your best workday ever:

Decide what measurements matter

It can be tempting to be caught up in all of the vanity metrics you can access. However, your metrics should be directly related to your mission and your business model. Even more specifically, most of the metrics on your dashboard should be directly related to the most strategic initiatives you are working towards in that season.

Review regularly

After you begin your day with celebration, move on to reviewing your scoreboard or dashboard so that you can spend the day prioritizing the tasks and meetings that will result in even more progress to those key objectives. Taking even five minutes to review your measurements could lead you to prioritizing the rest of your day with even more confidence and clarity.

Commit to curiosity

Reviewing your key metrics regularly has the potential to bring about some negative feelings of comparison or doubt in your work. But we invite you to commit to a mindset of curiosity when you are tracking your progress. Allow yourself the freedom to make sense of how you got to the place you are and what would be needed to drive things forward. Ask yourself if you are thinking too small and limiting potential. Curiosity will free you up to understand the reality of your progress and fuel your imagination to keep working towards your goals.

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