Complete Your Calendar

A day is only as good as it’s schedule. But a schedule is only as good as the priorities that it reflects. In the previous blog, we looked at how to find and create space for the most important things. The final step to having the Best Work Day Ever is to Complete your Calendar. Ready, set, go! Well, actually it’s more like ready, set, plan. Having a plan gives us the boundaries to say no to small tasks that we don’t have time for and to rearrange for larger issues that might arise. It’s more of a timeline than a schedule.

Leave No Time Unplanned

Start creating space for a schedule that is attainable and accurate to your priorities for the day. This actually will help you have healthy boundaries with interruptions and issues that can easily take over the day. If you have 3 meetings and 2 big projects due on that day, then set aside a couple of hours for both projects and leave time to prep for your meetings. Maybe your day will look like this:

9:00-9:15am Coffee and Best Work Day Ever
9:20-11:20 Marketing Project Research
11:30-1:30 Lunch Meeting
1:35-1:40 Short Walk and add any new tasks from meeting to To Do List
1:40-3:30 Update Blog, Website, Google & Yelp with accurate information

3:30-3:45 Short Walk and add Prep for Meeting
3:45-4:45 Weekly Team Meeting
4:45-5:00 Answer any quick emails and head home

Give Yourself Space for Transitions

Let’s be real at 11:15, someone is bound to have some urgent thing that needs to get done now. But this Timeline says you are busy. This does not mean that you are stuck to this schedule. It’s your schedule, you make the rules. Maybe there is some time at 11:15 to help in whatever you can or add it to you to do list for tomorrow. It’s up to you. This is your timeline!

“I love Transitions”, said no one ever!

But transitions are the breathing room of life. So, plan for them. Schedule transition time between each time block to grab a coffee, take a quick walk, or take a break. But when that 5 minutes is up, back to work. This is a challenge to be disciplined and allow the important things to take priority as they should. Transitions also allow for grace time if a project or a meeting goes long. Planning something back to back usually doesn’t pan out well. So, let transition time take the brunt of the people running late.

Leave Room for Interruptions

Planning for interruptions helps to set realistic daily task schedules. What is a necessary interruption? It’s up to you! This is your best work day. To me, a necessary interruption is anything that requires immediate attention or needs me to step away from my desk for an immediate response. An email about an event two months from now is not a necessary interruption. Now if you are the event coordinator and the final count is due today, then that email might be a necessary interruption. Define it for yourself. Take my definition. Most interruptions I add to my task list in Asana and set a due date for them the next morning when I am doing the Best Work Day Ever.

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