When building something new, you are constantly striving towards growth and working towards that next level success. In these times it can be tempting to measure your wins by dollars and cents. But is that ACTUALLY the most important thing? Or is there more beyond the bottom line?

Of course revenue and profit margins are all great indicators of growth and serve as good proxy measurements of progress. But if metrics become the goal in and of themselves, your accomplishments will be reduced to materialism alone, instead of a work that results in purpose and positive impact. The difference is subtle yet profound. The difference is in the drive.


Materialism leaves you limited to only the existing solutions in your industry. Materialism is driven by a scarcity mindset deters you away from the freedom to explore innovation and creativity, trapping you in a mentality of risk aversion. Materialism convinces you that everyone else in your industry is a threatening competition and thus impedes your ability to collaborate with others, which ultimately limits your potential as a whole.

On the other hand, being driven by purpose opens you up to discovering more creative solutions to problems because you are taking into account the greater impact you want to see. Whether you run a not for profit, a tech company, or you’re a graphic designer with an idea for a creative agency, a purpose orientation turns your work into your unique contribution to the good of all people. Making this shift means the labor of love that goes into building a brand, implementing strategy and designing your organization is so that you can deliver more value to your customers and ultimately advance good in the world.

The first step in being driven by purpose is to know why you are doing the work you are doing in the first place. Once you identify this, you can work on implementing strategies to keep you on track towards that purpose. Here are a few ways to start that process:

1. Craft a Purpose Statement. Crafting a Purpose Statement will help you hone in on the deep, driving "why" that compelled you into your work in the first place. This statement should be memorized and reflected upon regularly by you and your team to keep you going when challenges come up.

2. Measure your impact. Purpose, like every other aspect of your work needs to be measured to know if you are actually having the impact you intend. Implementing measurements and markers of purpose fulfillment will help you and your team stay on course and celebrate the wins the along the way.

3. Don't do it alone. Being a part of a community of leaders who can remind you of the greater why behind your work will help keep you going and will ultimately help broaden your perspective on your work.

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