We are excited to share with you about FLDWRK’s expanding community in our new Costa Mesa headquarters. Over the past 5 years, we’ve helped incubate and accelerate over 60 organizations that are advancing the common good in Orange County and throughout the world, and we’re doubling down on our mission to guide creators to build organizations into forces for good in their cities. 


A year ago, we took hard look at who we’ve been since we founded FLDWRK over 5 years ago. And in the last year, we have been focusing in on what we want our impact to be. Our dream is that one day all cities will be filled with organizations that are culture creating forces for the good of humanity. We believe that we not only can be purposeful in our work but also actually create change through the cultures in our workplaces, families, communities, businesses, and leadership relationships. FLDWRK is in the business of building communities of support, equipping, and encouragement that participate in shared impact. We believe that working alone robs you of your humanity and impact. Have you experienced this? Ever been driving toward your goals and lose yourself in the process? Ever accomplish less than your full potential because you’re bogged down by isolation? That’s the problem we’re addressing. 

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When we realigned our dream and mission, we were simultaneously approached by Lincoln Property Company about their Culture Yard Project with an opportunity to take over 1 of 4 buildings in this new work life campus. We saw the opportunity to expand physically, with more offices, an event venue, and a coffee shop, and we also saw the opportunity to grow more culture creating communities, increasing our impact.  

Our belief is that our 17 offices will lead to more collaboration in the midst of a culture of competition. When a non-profit uses our event venue to celebrate the good work they are doing, it will lead to transformation and not just transaction. When leaders come to us in a state of isolation, our programs will lead to community and purpose. When the remote worker comes to us feeling alone, she will become known in our coworking community. The culture we desire to create is one of abundance, not scarcity, and the expansion of our new space is about abundance. Abundance is for you, no matter where you are in the process of breaking the chains of isolation in your work. 

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Our members are doing amazing work creating culture—from celebrating what’s beautiful through photography, art, design, and visual storytelling to restoring what’s broken by serving the marginalized, disenfranchised, and the downtrodden.

This community is comprised of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, artists, activists, leaders, makers, and storytellers who are exploring creative solutions to big problems, partnering together for the good of the world using innovative and diverse business models. We’re honored and privileged to be part of their mission, and we’d love to be part of yours as well. Join us in the journey!