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When you survey the world, it can be so easy to be caught by the trap of comparison and measure our progress or value against what we see in others. Wishing we had what they had or we were as far along as they were. Just as, if not more damaging than our comparison to others is the comparison game we can play with ourselves.

Sometimes you can get caught up comparing yourself to some idealized version of where you think you should be or where you used to be in the past. This comparison robs you of the joy that can come from recognizing the progress you havemade and can actually inhibit your ability to see your next steps clearly.


As purposeful entrepreneurs you have the option of choosing celebration over comparison. Celebrate your progress. Celebrate your learnings, especially the ones that have come through failure. When you choose celebration, you are able to see the success of others as non-threatening to your own progress. This gives you the freedom and perspective to celebrate, for yourself, how far you have come which will then propel you forward to where you want to go.


Making the move away from comparison to celebration requires some intentionality but it does not have to be overwhelming. Here are a few ways to start:

  1. Take time to celebrate your own progress. You may feel like you still have a long way to go before you have “arrived” but comparing yourself to your unchecked to-do list will only leave you depleted and blind to what you have already done. Take some time this week to go to an inspiring place with a journal and a pen and list all of the things you are celebrating in your life and your work since you started out. You will be amazed to see how this celebration will refuel you for the next leg of the adventure.

  2. Celebrate others. Instead of looking at others with eyes of comparison, actively look to celebrate the work that other people are doing. This will open you up to be inspired and reduce insecurity when you see the good things happening for others. An added bonus is that it may even lead to some opportunities for collaboration. To get your feet wet, consider sending out a celebration comment or email to at least three other people doing great work.

  3. Build in rhythms of celebration. As unnatural as it may be, scheduling regular rhythms for you and your team to look back and celebrate the wins along the way is the only way to make this an organic part of your default setting as a leader as well your team culture. You will be surprised at just how much you will have to celebrate when you actually make time for it.

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