A quick web search of the word productivity will yield about 461,000,000 results. But you did not need that tidbit of trivia to know that being productive on a daily, consistent basis, is one of the biggest challenges we face in our work.

Productivity for meaningful work is as important as it is challenging. Thankfully, productivity is a habit that can be formed slowly but surely, without the pressure of perfection, through discipline and intention. As we move into the second quarter of the year, we will be exploring this theme and having conversations on productivity for meaningful work.

Why celebration?

It could feel as though celebration is a round-about way to cultivate productivity, but it is vital. Celebration may also feel like silver linings optimism and even a little out of touch. However, true celebration is rooted in reality. For something to be celebrated, it has to have actually happened.

We describe celebration as the discipline of regularly acknowledging what is good, progress achieved, and milestones reached; a sensemaking practice that recognizes the reality of what is working, usually through shared moments of commemoration.

As leaders creating culture through our work, we need to be masters of calling out reality--both what needs to be tended to and also what needs to be held up as good. Celebration is important because it is the antidote to the comparison of self and others that can so easily cripple us.

By starting each day with celebration, we associates positive thoughts and feelings with our work, providing a runway of momentum as we tackle our to do lists.

How to celebrate

1. Capture it in a consistent place

Whether it’s a journal, a team slack channel, or a voice memo, create a single place that you store all of your celebrations so that you can reflect on them in depth later on.

2. Think with your whole life in mind

As we’ve discussed before, our work and the rest of our lives do not exist in compartmentalized dualism. You are the same person with your friends on a Saturday as you are at a meeting on Monday. So we should think differently about what “counts” as worthy of celebration.

3. Don’t do it alone!

There is a lot of value in recognizing moments of celebration individually, but true celebration always involves other people!

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