Jeff Tanner

Cofounder + CEO

At FLDWRK you will find Jeff: guiding CEOs to lead through challenges and opportunities, filling a whiteboard with new startup ideas, or writing FLDWRK’s next e-book.

On the weekend, you can catch Jeff: creating culture with the Redemption Church community, enjoying premier league football as a metaphor for organizational development, cooking meals with his wife and daughters, and preparing for the week with a long afternoon nap.

Be sure to ask Jeff about: the time he almost died in Thailand, how he saved lives by singing a popular television jingle to a bear, and why he prefers eating with chopsticks.

Brandon Arbini

Cofounder + CTO

At FLDWRK you'll find BrandonAdvising Founders on investment, technology, strategy and culture, Guiding CEO's in an Impact session, and creating software solutions that solve real problems and advance good.
On the weekend you can catch Brandonswimming with his three kids, jamming on the guitar while his son plays the drums, or a date night with his wife, and he’s a happy man. It also helps if he has an ice cold Americano or a LaCroix in his hand at all times.


Be sure to ask Brandon abouthis childhood lemonade stand that got shut down by the city or how he won over his wife with crispy m&m’s and orange juice.

Jonathon Murillo

Director of FLDWRK


At FLDWRK you'll find Jonathon: at a whiteboard coaching a founder in crafting the perfect mission statement, facilitating a group coaching session, or leading a workshop.

On the Weekend you'll find Jonathon: co-facilitating workshops with his wife (usually on the enneagram), putting his M.DIV to use and preaching at a church, or working with his rad team building their startup non-profit: Standard.

Be sure to ask Jonathon about: his 24 addresses, his borderline obsessive love of the Oakland Raiders, or to give you an impersonation of just about anyone.

Meredith Partida

Director of Operations


At FLDWRK you will find Meredith: greeting and waving to members everyday, giving tours and placing the coasters on the right hand corner of every table (it's the little details that matter).

On the weekend you can catch Meredith: doing a pop-up for her jewelry business Wildflower Roots, hanging out with her husband and pup, or re-watching episodes of Friends/Seinfeld/The Office.

Be sure to ask Meredith about: how she can paint your face like a tiger or about when she lived in India for a year designing jewelry for Purpose Jewelry.

Emma Bruski

Community Coordinator


At FLDWRK you'll find Emma: geeking out over statistics and data while simultaneously hosting the spaces and planning events.

On the weekend you can catch Emma: and her husband Evan hiking in Laguna, prepping to begin her search of where to get her masters' degree, or reading a good book over coffee.

Be sure to ask Emma about: the time she hiked the Negev Valley in Israel and scaled up a 90 degree wall up to the top of the ridge.

Kim Saucedo

Office + Community Coordinator


At FLDWRK you'll find Kim: working at the front desk ready to greet everyone, walking around talking to members, or grabbing a delicious coffee from Buenas next door.

On the weekend you can catch Kim: hanging with her friends, catching up on her coding class, or taking a mental break on TikTok.
Be sure to ask Kim about: how she made it into a secret Fall Out Boy rooftop concert for free, where she is wanting to visit next, or about her favorite German rapper Apache 207.